Migi Parahita | Compose aural and visual art with pleasure
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Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia on November 25th 1990. Playing and listening to the music is one of her hobby since childhood. She started to learn music by learning classical piano when she was 8 years old and at 12 years old she decided to learn classical guitar with Rudy Hamid.

Graduated as Diploma Degree at Institut Musik Daya Indonesia in 2010, majoring on Jazz Guitar Performance with Dion Janapria and Nikita Dompas. In 2012, she got her Bachelor Deegree in Music Composition and Arrangement at Sjuman School of Music.

Besides her formal study, she also actively participate in many workshop such as Jazz Vocal Workshop by Veronica Nunn, Forum Musik Klasik Kontemporer I by Suka Hardjana, Forum Musik Klasik Kontemporer II by Slamet Abdul Sjukur, Contemporary Music Class by Slamet Abdul Sjukur, Arranging Orchestration by Indra Perkasa and Mery Kasiman, Eurhythmic Workshop by IMDI Degree Students July 2008, Ensemble Workshop by Tjut Nyak Deviana Daudsjah, Pedagogy Workshop by The Faculty of IMDI, Master Class Program (Jazz Improvisation) by Indra Lesmana, Guitar and Ensemble Workshop (Serambi Jazz) by Kai Bruckner, and Vocal Workshop by Ubiet.

Migi pretty much involved as guitar player in different kinds of bands such as MIND Quartet (several times playing in Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran, JajanJazz 2011, JakJazz 2012), Tiwuq Rayie and Friends (Margo City Depok Jazz Community 2011, JajanJazz 2011, JakJazz 2010), Aksan Sjuman Orchestra (Wayang Dig Daya Djarum – Semarang, Gatot Kaca Jadi Raja, Arjuna Wiwaha, Gatot Kaca Kembar, Glimpse at Salihara in 2013), INA Ladies (Jakarta Blues Festival 2014, Java Jazz Festival 2015, Makassar Jazz Festival 2015) and many more.

Aside from being a guitarist, Migi also active in composing and film socring. One of her work entitled “Mery dan Leak” was selected as one of the finalist in Sayembara Komposisi Musik Baru Bedasarkan Musik Tradisi that organized by Komunitas Salihara in 2011. At the first time this work played on the final night of the contest in December 2012 at Teater Salihara.

Now Migi is actively work as a music composer, arranger and a film scorer. Many experiences she has been through in music and design industries that shapes her now as a good and a professional musician.


Jakarta, Indonesia


Music Composition, Arrangement, Scoring, Guitar Performance, Teacher/Instructor

Diploma’s Degree

Institut Musik Daya Indonesia

(Music/Guitar Performance)

Bachelor’s Degree

Sjuman School of Music

(Music Composition and Arrangement)