Migi Parahita | Compose aural and visual art with pleasure
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Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia on November 25th 1990. Playing and listening to music is her hobby since childhood, also begin to like drawing since her father taught her how to draw with pencil colour and water colour painting. When she was in high school she tried to do some digital designing, it was the first time she learn how to do some designs with the computer things, and at that time she realised that she really like and love to do it.

Graduated as Diploma Degree at Institut Musik Daya Indonesia in 2010, majoring on Jazz Guitar Performance. In 2012, she got her Bachelor Deegree in Music Composition and Arrangement at Sjuman School of Music.

Now Migi is actively work as a music composer and arranger, graphic designer, web designer and developer. She composed and arranged several music for videos, short movies, and pop songs. Also, made some designs for identity, advertisement and websites.

Many experiences she has been through in music and design industries that shapes her now as a good and a professional musician, designer and a web developer.


Jakarta, Indonesia


Music Composition, Arrangement, Guitar, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Web Development

Diploma’s Degree

Institut Musik Daya Indonesia

(Music Performance)

Bachelor’s Degree

Sjuman School of Music

(Music Composition and Arrangement)